Strong Demand in 2013 for Soloy Aviation Solutions SD2 Honeywell LTS-101 Engine Conversion Kits

July 9, 2013
Seven (7) AS350SD2 kits year-to-date sales strikes positive note for economic growth in helicopter utilization market.

Olympia, WA – In the first half of 2013 Soloy Aviation Solutions has sold seven (7) AS350SD2 engine conversion kits. Four (4) of these STC’d engine conversion kits transacted in June. A New Zealand fleet operator placed an order for three SD2 kits and a fourth kit was sold to an existing Soloy customer who operates the largest Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and video/film operation based in Los Angeles. This was the third SD2 kit sold to the Los Angeles company.

The SD2 kit exchanges the Eurocopter’s AS350B2 Turbomeca engine with a Honeywell LTS101-700D-2 turbine engine. The kit includes installation documentation, all required Eurocopter parts, Soloy exclusive parts and the Honeywell engine.

“Sales so far this year of our SD2 kits have certainly been positive and show us that the helicopter utilization market is clearly strengthening,” said Dave Stauffer, CEO of Soloy. “While we will obviously enjoy selling even more SD2 kits in 2013, the numbers so far indicate that operators realize the value and reliability of the SD2 conversion and that the industry overall is recovering.”

The seven (7) SD2 conversion kits sold to date in 2013 exclude the 12 AC311 Honeywell engine kits sold to China’s Changhe Aircraft Industry Group for production of the firm’s AC311 helicopter. Overall 144 SD2 kits have been sold worldwide.

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