Avcon Industries Obtains FAA Approval for Dual Camera Port Installation and Special Mission Pod Modification

July 9, 2024
Butler National subsidiary Avcon Industries, Inc. obtained FAA STC Approval of the Textron/Cessna Model 208/208B Caravan with the dual Avcon Camera Ports and Aerodynamically Enhanced Under-fuselage Mounted Pod.

Butler National Corporation announces that its subsidiary, Avcon Industries, Inc., has obtained Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval of the Avcon dual camera port installation and the Avcon "Special Mission Pod" modification on the Textron/Cessna Model 208B airplanes.

Avcon obtained STC SA04639CH for the dual camera port installation and the Avcon "Special Mission Pod" modification on the Cessna Model 208 and 208B Caravan/Grand Caravan airplanes. The modifications are FAA-approved and may be simultaneously installed to provide approximately 80 cubic feet of additional space in the fuselage-mounted pod, which space may accommodate sensor/cameras/radars with a full 360-degree swept volume.  The Avcon dual camera ports are compatible with the lower fuselage pod and allow the installation of cabin-mounted Lidar/camera sensors.

The Avcon "Special Mission Pod" is uniquely designed by the Avcon aerospace engineers to optimize sensor operational capabilities for the Model 208 and 208B airplanes," said Chris Reedy, President and CEO of Butler National Corporation. "Similarly, the combination of a Special Mission Pod with the Avcon Caravan camera ports expands the functionality of the aircraft to other applications. Avcon engineers once again created a generic design with tremendous adaptability. I strongly encourage Caravan operators to view the new product offerings on the Avcon Industries website – www.avconindustries.com,"  added Chris Reedy. 

The standard Avcon "Special Mission Pod" for the Model 208 and 208B has a catalog price starting at $225,000. The Avcon dual camera port modification has a starting price of $248,000.

"Avcon continues to look for opportunities to grow the utility of airplanes for special missions, among other commercial operations. While Avcon offers many special mission modifications for King Air airplanes, from extended nose, camera ports and its oversized pod for the King Air B300 to provisions for external stores and workstations, now Avcon has extended its available platforms to include the Model 208/208B Caravan family,"  said Aric Peters, Director of Sales. "The Avcon modifications are designed for generic functionality, to include installation, retraction and extension of lights, cameras, and is compatible with a wide range of radar bands including X/P/L-bands."