Aviation Experts Examine Bad Decisions that Take Airplanes Out of the Sky

Feb. 1, 2024
Aviation experts Greg Feith, Todd Curtis and John Goglia examine aviation disasters that show operational discipline is critical for aviation safety.

The events that led up to the crash of a MD82 in Detroit are used to illustrate the critical role of operational discipline. In the latest episode of their Flight Safety Detectives podcast, Greg Feith, Todd Curtis and John Goglia give how how bad decisions take airplanes out of the sky.

This aviation disaster killed two people on the ground and nearly everyone on board. The sole survivor was a four-year-old girl who was seriously injured. Hear the experts dissect the chain of events that led to the Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crash and other commercial aviation disasters.

The report from the accident does not discuss crew resource management (CRM) practices of the accident flight crew. Goglia discusses how CRM practices were adopted in the 1980s to reduce aviation safety risks by having flight crews become more consistent in managing aircraft operations.

Feith and Goglia showcase other noteworthy accident investigations that are examples of behaviors that had to be changed in the cockpit and how not following basic CRM practices leads to accidents.

Checklist discipline is important in all types of aviation operations, including general aviation. Complex flight management systems that are now common even in single engine general aviation aircraft.

Hear also what passengers can do to improve their safety in flight.

The complete episode is available at https://flightsafetydetectives.com/bad-decisions-take-airplanes-out-of-the-sky-episode-205/