ALAS Group Shows Interest in Future Space Explorations

Feb. 24, 2021

NASA recently landed their latest rover on Mars making another historic milestone in their search for life beyond our planet. Onboard the rover are seven instruments that will be testing completely new technology and conducting unprecedented science.

ALAS Group, who is closely connected to a few of the stakeholders carrying equipment onboard the Mars expedition, expressed their excitement as they look forward to contributing to future space explorations.

“Being an aviator and an explorer, I’m excited to see another successful landing on the red planet. We have come a long way in circumnavigating our solar system, but we’ve only just scratched the surface. What lies beyond our interstellar neighborhood is a mystery, but exploring the physical boundaries of our solar system gives us the knowhow and the confidence to continue our journey into the cosmos.“ said Chairman of ALAS Group, Dustin Paul Wilden in a recent interview.

Dustin Paul Wilden who also serves on the Board of Directors at the Center for Defence, Space and Security has followed the Mars mission with great interest, and is particularly proud to see several space agencies under Censec providing state-of-the-art technology to NASA and the Perseverance Rover.

“I am very proud of their achievements and feel privileged to witness their success as we take another step into the unknown. Our continuous search for life beyond our planet pushes the boundaries of our engineering capabilities and our quest to understand the mysteries of deep space.” He added.