Hill Aircraft Celebrates 65 Years in Aviation

Nov. 11, 2020

Hill Aircraft is celebrating their 65th year in operation. While the past year has come with many unique challenges due to COVID-19, this anniversary provides a special opportunity to reflect on just how far the business has come. 

Hill Aircraft was founded in 1955 by Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame legend Guy Hill, Sr. His guiding core principles of confidence, tenacity, and an appreciation for whatever life brought his way contributed to how Hill Aircraft has navigated all of the ups and downs the business has endured over time. From his early beginnings as a small business owner struggling to make payroll, Hill prevailed through a fire in 1962 that burned the FBO facility to the ground by setting up offices the next day in a T-hangar and getting right back to work. Over the next several decades, Hill faced many other adversities including the 1970’s oil embargo that limited the supply of fuel, the 1990’s Iraq War that caused fuel prices to surge, and the early 2000’s Great Recession that threatened Hill Aircraft's survival once again. At the center of it all was Hill’s commitment and willingness to build a successful aviation business that provided for not only his family, but for the families of our employees. 

Today under the direction of his son, president and CEO Guy Hill, Jr., this legacy continues. Family values remain a central part of Hill Aircraft’s leadership philosophy and team culture. While the business has grown significantly over the years as the industry has evolved, Hill Aircraft credits their success to the dedication of their experienced employees who are vital in delivering the best customer service possible. 

“As Hill Aircraft honors our achievements, we also look to a future that embraces these same values and principles while evolving the levels of services to meet the demands of our customers,” said Guy Hill, Jr. “Currently on the horizon for us are sustainable fuel availability, expansion of facilities to accommodate growth, and additional capabilities offered under the aircraft management and maintenance programs. Hill Aircraft celebrates this milestone with utmost gratitude to the aviation community and our loyal customers who have helped make us what we are today."

Samuel Corum/AFP via Getty Images/TNS