S.A.F.E. Delivers USCG Towers Vital to Navigation

April 23, 2020

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs is proud to announce the delivery of the newly designed modular navigation towers to the US Coast Guard in New Orleans. The towers are replacing the existing stands that have been damaged by storms and rough seas for the last several years. These modular towers with treated wooden bases are built to withstand the heavy storms that often target the Gulf of Mexico. Navigation lights are mounted to the towers to provide location and navigation information to ships and aircraft The towers have been assembled and delivered to the USCG and will be placed in service over the next few months as existing towers are replaced.

“These towers play a vital role in the safe navigation of both ships and aircraft in the region. This is just another way that we show our versatility in designing and building exactly what the customer needs.” said Johnny Buscema, CEO of S.A.F.E. “Everything we build has an important role in the safety of transportation and we take that safety seriously.”

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs is the global leader in maintenance support equipment that strives to put safety first, S.A.F.E. listens to the needs of the maintenance teams. S.A.F.E. designs custom equipment to the exact specifications that consider realistic ergonomic factors as well as efficiency. S.A.F.E provides the answers to the unique challenges of working on complex aircraft and challenging environments. S.A.F.E. is also developing training options for maintenance that includes a Maintenance Safety Symposium to be scheduled later this year.