Two Delta Air Lines Flights Bound for San Francisco Suffer Engine Failures

June 25, 2024

Jun. 24—Delta Airlines jets encountered four major incidents within 48 hours last week, including two flights bound for San Francisco.

Flight DL-475 from Boston to San Francisco reversed course mid-flight when the left-hand engine failed during takeoff on Thursday, aviation records show.

The Airbus A321-200N crew initially stabilized at 1,500 feet, then ascended to 2,000 feet before safely returning to Boston Logan International Airport approximately 20 minutes after departure.

The aircraft, registered as N513DA and in service since October 2022, remained grounded in Boston as of Monday morning.

On Friday, another Delta flight, DL-916 from Atlanta to San Francisco, lost its right-hand engine mid-flight due to loss of oil quantity and pressure.

The Boeing 757-200 was diverted to Salt Lake City, landing safely after an hour. A replacement 737-900 reached San Francisco about eight hours late.

The affected aircraft, registered as N6706Q and in service since May 2000, remained grounded in Salt Lake City for 46 hours before repositioning to Los Angeles and has not returned to service.

Other Delta flights faced issues on June 20-21, as well.

Flight DL-92 from New York to Berlin encountered a problem with the anti-skid brakes over U.K. airspace. The Boeing 767-300ER crew requested the longest runway available in Berlin and emergency services upon arrival.

The aircraft, registered as N195DN, landed safely in Berlin on Friday and was cleared for the return sector by emergency and maintenance crews.

Additionally, flight DL-1245 from West Palm Beach to Boston experienced a left-hand engine fire shortly after takeoff on Thursday.

The Airbus A320 crew extinguished the fire during a U-turn back to West Palm Beach. The aircraft, registered as N373NW, landed safely, the engine was repaired, and the aircraft operated the same flight later that evening.

Delta Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the incidents.

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