ExecuJet MRO Employee Named Master Technician After Completing Honeywell Engine Course

Oct. 25, 2023
After completing a master's course at Honeywell's engine training facility, ExecuJet says Frank Oberholzer is one of 10 engineers in the world to have this master technician title.

Only 10 engineers have received the title of "Master Technician" from Honeywell. ExecuJet MRO Services Africa’s Maintenance Supervisor for Engines, Frank Oberholzer is one of them. 

Oberholzer recently completed a master course at Honeywell's engine training facility in Phoenix, Arizona, and was bestowed the title of "Master Technician."

“Only 10 engineers in the world, including Frank, have the title of ‘Master Technician’ from Honeywell engines,” says Vince Goncalves, Regional VP Africa at ExecuJet MRO Services. “It is a significant milestone for Frank and for ExecuJet MRO Services Africa, because it highlights our advanced engine MRO capabilities.

“It is also testimony to our investment in training and continuous learning. Frank’s accreditation further reinforces ExecuJet MRO Services’ positioning as a world-class authorized Honeywell engine facility. We have all the necessary engineering capability and expertise to perform major repairs on TFE731 engines. With over 18 major repairs and over 22 engine-related MRTs (major repair times)  performed over the past 16 months, our engine facility has the reputation in Africa and globally for being experts on TFE products.”

Oberholzer started his aviation career with the South African Air Force in 2006. After joining ExecuJet in 2016 as a TFE731 engineer, he obtained his licenses on the entire TFE731 range at the company’s engine shop in Lanseria near Johannesburg.

ExecuJet MRO Services Africa is an authorized service center for Honeywell engines and works primarily on TPE331 turboprop and TFE731 turbofan engines. It has 14 personnel in its engine MRO facility.

The TFE731 powers many models of Bombardier Learjet including the Learjet 45. It also powers the Hawker 800 and some Falcons models including Falcon 50 and Falcon 900 series aircraft.

ExecuJet MRO Services Africa - which is based at Lanseria International Airport - is approved, for example, to do hot-section inspections (MPI) on the TFE731. This involves disassembling the engine’s hot section to determine if the engine's parts are showing signs of wear and require replacement.