Bilsing Expands Aerospace Composites Capability with 3D Tape Laying Equipment

Feb. 12, 2021

Bilsing Automation announced it has invested in a Conbility Pre-Pro 3D automated tape placement and applicator machine for Advanced Fiber Placement (AFP) and Advanced Tape Laying (ATL) applications, expanding its footprint in the aviation industry. As manufacturers strive to reduce aircraft weight through production of composite structures, Bilsing plans to use this new machine for producing interior parts including galley, seat, and overhead bin components.

The Conbility PrePro system is capable of processing thermoplastic, thermoset and dry fiber placement and winding, including pre-impregnated semi-finished products known as prepregs with up to 50 mm tape tension control. A notable feature of the equipment its ability to directly produce complex, three- dimensional preform structures as well as tubular components. The advanced laser technology accommodates a wide range of process temperature.

This service is provided at Bilsing Automation Turkey, which holds aviation industry certifications in EASA Part-145, FAA 14 CFR 145/43, GACAR Part 145/43 and SHY Part 145.