Air Atlanta Icelandic is the Launch Customer for IQSMS in Iceland

Feb. 2, 2021

ASQS GmbH, the Vienna-based global provider of integrated aviation Quality and Safety Managment Solutions, announced that the largest ACMI and charter service provider in the world, Air Atlanta Icelandic, has chosen IQSMS (Integrated Quality and Safety Management System) to further optimize safety and quality standards within the organization. The company is ASQS's first customer in Iceland enabling the Austrian aviation IT company to further expand its global footprint and presence in the Nordic region.

The demand for uncomplicated, intuitive and powerful safety management solutions is what leads aviation companies of all kinds to ASQS. With its core product IQSMS, the company supports the daily operations of more than 200 operators worldwide. The web-based integrated SMS (Safety Management System) and QMS (Quality Management System) software enables users to automate daily processes, increasing safety compliance and business performance.

In over thirty years of business history, the largest globally operating ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) and charter service provider in the world, Air Atlanta Icelandic, has continuously demonstrated a strong focus on excellent customer service while meeting the highest national and international safety standards. To further optimize safety processes, the company has put together its personal IQSMS Suite to meet the organization’s individual needs and has opted for a multi-phased implementation of the IQSMS core modules, including the respective offline applications, as well as two additional modules.

Sigurjon Thordarson, Director Safety & Compliance at Air Atlanta Icelandic commented:  “Air Atlanta Icelandic is excited to implement IQSMS for the administration of its Safety Management and Compliance Monitoring systems. We believe that IQSMS will assist in further streamlining the SMS and CMS processes and improve the co-ordination of SMS and CMS in all departments by integrating them into one system.  We look forward to work with the IQSMS team.”

“We are very excited to have won Air Atlanta Icelandic as our first IQSMS customer in Iceland,” added Günther Schindl, CEO at ASQS.” Teaming up with such a renowned and worldwide recognized operator proves once more the quality of our product IQSMS. We are also very excited about Air Atlanta Icelandic launching our Report Import API, as they will be the first client using both the data import and export APIs for bidirectional data exchange between different applications in their entire IT infrastructure. As every client brings unique requirements, we always strive to find a solution for their individual needs. This allows us to steadily grow our horizon and to continuously optimize our products and services,” Schindl added.