Tyrata IntelliTread Internal Tread Sensor Tested in Aircraft Tires

Oct. 4, 2019
Tyrata has proven that its direct measurement sensor, IntelliTread ITS, successfully monitors aircraft tire tread wear.

Tyrata, Inc. has demonstrated that its patented IntelliTread  Internal Tread Sensor (ITS) can effectively measure aircraft tire tread depth in a laboratory setting. Aircraft tires are subjected to extreme operating conditions, and determining tread thickness in real-time will provide ground crews and aircraft tire manufacturers with additional information to appropriately maintain tire health for optimal performance and safety. Tyrata plans to carry out additional durability and in-tire sensor field tests in the near future.

Aircraft tires are complex, highly engineered structures designed to safely withstand heavy loads for take-offs and landings in a variety of weather conditions. Proper inspection and regular service in accordance to manufacturer's specifications ensure tire performance and safety. One aspect of tire inspection is regular tread depth assessments. Tyrata's direct tread measurement with the ITS complements current tread-depth evaluation practices and contributes to improved tire safety.

"Aircraft tires vary significantly in construction, tire structure, and material compounds from automotive and truck tires," said Aaron Franklin, Tyrata chief technology officer. "Although we need to proceed with further testing, the initial IntelliTread ITS data is very encouraging."