AP Completion Services Working with Five Global 7000 Purchasers to Design Cabin Interiors

Feb. 20, 2018
While the first Global 7000s aren’t scheduled for delivery until later this year, AP Completion Services is already working with five owners across the globe to specify interior elements and accelerate the completion process.

Montreal, Quebec/February 8, 2018 – Defined by Bombardier as the industry’s largest purpose-built business jet, the Global 7000 has four living spaces and a permanent crew rest area. The aircraft also features a true stand-up shower and a master suite with a permanent bed.

“The Global 7000 is a sophisticated aircraft with many advanced features. We’re honored to be the completions partner of these owners, and we’re grateful to be able to help them and their teams through the process from the beginning,” said Andrew Broccoli, principal, AP Completion Services. “We look forward to getting these aircraft into service as quickly as possible for our clients.”

Broccoli stresses that the Global 7000 is a completely new airplane, “It’s not just a Global 6000 with an extra zone. It’s a bigger, mechanically different aircraft. During the completion, we work hand-in-hand with the owner and the OEM, acting as a team to come to solutions that benefit everyone.”

AP Completion Services works with clients to acquire an aircraft, design its interior space, select materials and manage the completion from induction to delivery, including mechanical checkout, avionics installation and paint. They also provide entry into service support.

“We work with owners and their teams through every facet of the project and can provide counsel on the right new or preowned aircraft to meet an organization’s mission. We can then help ready that aircraft to meet their objectives. Our licensed aircraft engineers, a distinctive attribute of AP Completion Services, are trained to help owners protect their investment,” added Broccoli.

AP Completion Services also follows its clients once their aircraft is in service. “We look for trends: what installations are most successful; does an aircraft have recurring issues? That knowledge benefits our next customer. We are always working to prevent warranty issues and to minimize aircraft downtime for our clients,” adds Broccoli.

Aircraft with global range need a resource with global knowledge. AP Completion Services has assisted clients on every continent. “We’ve worked with OEMs, regulatory authorities and clients around the globe, adding another layer of expertise we can bring to our customers,” said Broccoli. “We’re ready to serve.”

About AP Completion Services

AP Completion Services was founded by industry professionals with a wide range of business aircraft, aviation and yacht experience. The company offers superior, high-quality completion management services for the discerning customer who cannot be at the OEM’s factory on a daily or regular basis. Whether it floats or it flies, whether it’s on the sea or in the skies -- AP Completion Services can be of service.

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