Southeast Aerospace Receives FAA Approval for Expanded AML for Garmin GI 275

Nov. 28, 2023
Southeast Aerospace has received FAA approval for an expanded Aircraft Model List (AML) for its STC ST01985WI, for the installation of the Garmin GI 275 as an electronic standby instrument.

Southeast Aerospace, Inc. (SEA) has received FAA approval for an expanded Aircraft Model List (AML) for its STC ST01985WI, for the installation of the Garmin GI 275 as an electronic standby instrument.

The expanded AML gives an additional 1,500+ aircraft access to upgrade their aircraft with the Garmin GI 275 ESI. 

The complete AML STC list for the GI 275 ESI now reads as follows:

  • Bombardier: BD-100-1A10 Challenger 300, BD-700-1A10 & BD-700-1A11 Global 
    Express, XRS, 5000, GVFD, 5500, 6000, 6500, Learjet 55C, and 60
  • Dassault Aviation: Falcon 50 and 2000 series
  • Embraer: EMB-135BJ (Legacy 600)
  • Gulfstream Aerospace: G-IV, G-V, G150, 200 and Galaxy
  • Textron Aviation: Citation 550, 560, 560 Excel, XLS, 650, Hawker 800(A)(B)(XP), 
    1000(A)(B), 750, 900XP, and 4000

Moreover, SoutheastAerospace has received validation from Mexico's Federal Civil Aviation Agency 
(AFAC) for its previously FAA-certified Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) 
ST02004WI and ST01985WI, enabling the installation of Garmin’s GI 275 Electronic 
Flight Instrument as both an Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator (IVSI) and an 
Electronic Standby Instrument (ESI) for a myriad of Part 25 aircraft operating within 
Mexican airspace. 

The original STCs, approved by the FAA, were achieved out of a collaborative endeavor 
between Southeast Aerospace, Garmin, and Peregrine. 

“This AFAC validation is more than just an administrative step; it's an opportunity for us 
to offer operators in Mexico the ability to upgrade their avionics systems to state-of-theart technology affordably and efficiently,” said Luke Gomoll, SEA Aircraft Modifications 
Sales Representative. "We're committed to adding value to the aviation community in 
Mexico, and this validation reinforces our ability to provide solutions for aircraft 

The certification allows Garmin dealers to substitute older, less dependable IVA-81A/D 
IVSI units with the much-advanced GI 275 IVSI model, presenting a budget-friendly 
solution compared to pricier repairs of older units. Similarly, the ESI version of the 
Garmin GI 275 electronic flight instrument offers an all-in-one option to replace preexisting, obsolete, higher-cost ESI and mechanical standby instruments. 

The extended FAA approval and AFAC validation considerably broaden the applicability 
of the STC, making it an attractive upgrade option for operators looking to modernize 
their aircraft. Southeast Aerospace is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for 
the global aviation community.