Vietnam Airlines Extends APU Maintenance Agreement with EPCOR

Oct. 22, 2021

Paris, Schiphol, Hanoi, October 21, 2021 - EPCOR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance is honored to extend its APU maintenance contract with Vietnam Airlines for the majority of their fleet.

The contract covers the APU maintenance of l 131-9A APUs for Airbus A320 fleet and Pratt & Whitney APS5000 APUs of the Boeing 787 fleet. Thanks to the longstanding experience of EPCOR, its state-of-the-art facilities and the latest test cells, the APUs of Vietnam Airlines will benefits to the best class services including PROGNOS® for APU, the famous predictive maintenance software.

In the current period of uncertainty in the airline business, adaptability, a core value of AFI KLM E&M and its network, has been more important than ever in making the difference.

Bernard Kuiken, Commercial Director of EPCOR describes the relation as a true partnership: "Joint efforts in difficult times are proven to strengthen relationships. Therefore, we are proud Vietnam again chose us to be their maintenance partner for the forthcoming years." Bernard adds, "Part of the AFI KLM E&M network and as an airline-MRO, we know what airlines value most, it is part of our DNA. Our Adaptiveness® mindset, a competitive offer and a close cooperation between EPCOR and Vietnams Engineering department contributed to the decision of Vietnam Airlines."