FEAM Adds Technology Advances to Combat Staffing Shortages

Aug. 25, 2021
Advances include advanced Charlie Works training with Boeing, integration of Microsoft's HoloLens 2 with Virtual Tech Assistant and more.

FEAM is a leading MRO with a diversified portfolio including line maintenance, base maintenance, on-wing AOG support, technical services and technical training. As an airline MRO, FEAM Maintenance & Engineering continually develops a unique portfolio of emerging technology, know-how and capabilities reflected in its development of a wide range of service offerings to its customers.

Most recently, FEAM incorporated several new technologies to improve airline operating performance and overcome the current challenges of the industry including a widespread shortage of maintenance technicians. Many of these technological advances are scalable, but these large-scale changes require global understanding, technical and engineering capability, exceptional change agent management for developing new technology, and associated new practices and cultural reorganization within aircraft OEMs, operators and MROs.

Chris Stanley, director of technical services, said, “The aviation industry is on a very fast pace to modernize fleets, and technological advances are leading to major changes in how modern aircrafts are maintained and repaired. This innovation is resulting in a large-scale paradigm shift in flight and maintenance operations, and FEAM continues to revolutionize MRO and share value-adding, emerging technology to support our customer base.”

Notable technological advancements within FEAM’s operation include:

  • Advanced Charlie Works Training in partnership with Boeing – FEAM completed advanced Charlie Works training on over 20 advanced proactive maintenance and troubleshooting tools and best practices respective to critical ATAs. These advanced tools and techniques are updated respectively in the AMMs & Fault Isolation Manuals (FIMs) practices of fleets such as the Boeing B737/B757/B767 and newer production models.
  • Integration of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 with Virtual Tech Assist – FEAM is investing and deploying AR smart glasses to work directly with its customer base under a Virtual Tech Assist program. A remote expert can use a laptop, desktop or smart device connected to FEAM’s technical staff on-wing using the HoloLens 2 to share real-time views. Tech data is delivered by experts, and augmented reality allows the user to paste and pin highlighted schematics, wiring diagrams and illustrated parts in place. This technology is also providing a solution to the widespread industry shortage of maintenance technicians.
  • FEAM Teams up with GASTOPS to offer ChipCHECK – FEAM has teamed up with GASTOPS to offer ChipCHECK, a portable debris analyzer for immediate “GO/NO GO'' decision support within minutes. The ChipCHECK maintenance tool employs innovative alloy identification spectroscopy technology to analyze chip detector debris and enables FEAM Line Maintenance with reliable at-line field deployable support to automatically determine the alloy classification and size of each individual particle. This information empowers the onsite team to make the appropriate maintenance decision immediately, eliminating the need to remove the equipment from service prematurely or hold the equipment while waiting several days for laboratory results.