S. S. White Technologies Flexible Rotary Shafts Support Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems On CFM LEAP 1-B Turbofan Engines Selected By Southwest Airlines

May 20, 2021

S.S. White Technologies is the supplier of flexible shafts that transmit power to activate the critical Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems (TRAS) on the CFM LEAP 1-B turbofan engines selected by Southwest Airlines to power their latest purchase of 100 B737 MAX 7 aircraft to add to its B737 MAX fleet.

S.S. White provides a set of flexible rotary shafts per LEAP 1-B TRAS that transfer power and enable safe operation during flight and deployment of the thrust reverser during landing.

In addition, all aerospace flexible shaft products are designed to one of the industry’s highest performance criteria by utilizing a unique computer modeling software program developed by S.S. White called Perflexion. This program allows the design engineers to more fully model the behavioral characteristics of the wire bundles within the shaft core and arrive at an optimum product that provides maximum bending flexibility and torsion strength while allowing minimal torsion deflection with up to a 30 percent improvement above current industry standards.