Brent Wiggins Promoted to Senior AOG Manager at Stevens Aerospace

May 17, 2021

Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems, LLC (Stevens) announces that Brent Wiggins has been promoted to Senior Manager of the company's 24-hour/365-day AOG team. Wiggins is an A&P and brings years of hands-on experience to Stevens, holding positions ranging from technician to director of maintenance with companies such as L-3, Nicholas Air and Wing Aviation Group. He is also well-versed in part 91,135, and 145 operations.

“Brent is an experienced leader with high ethical standards, technical competency, exceptional enthusiasm, and program management proficiencies that are aligned with Stevens’ vision,” said Dendall Wood, Stevens AOG General Manager. "Our mission is to achieve excellence in everything relating to the customer experience; we believe Brent has the drive, expertise and leadership skills to move us closer to our goal."

Brent can be reached at [email protected] or at our 24-hour/365-day AOG Desk at 1-833-4AOG- HELP. For more information on Stevens’ AOG, visit or contact Phil Stearns at [email protected].