Cabin Maintenance: Barfield to Distribute AirInt' App

April 9, 2018
The app comes embedded with two innovative tools: a mobile app that allows technicians to inspect, collect and report data in three simple clicks and a web reporting solution that is synched to the app allowing managers to better monitor and manage data

Paris, Amstelveen, Miami, 9 April 2018 – With its commitment to innovation, Barfield, Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) US subsidiary will start distributing AirInt' Software, a tablet based mobile App that is using the latest technology to revolutionize cabin maintenance management. Developed by start-up AirInt' Services and industrialized  with AFI KLM E&M through its "MRO Lab" innovation platform, the App is already serving its purpose of saving time and optimizing processes for a wide range of aircraft fleet. 

The App is specifically designed to meet the demands of any aircraft. It comes embedded with two innovative tools: a mobile app that allows technicians to inspect, collect and report data in three simple clicks and a web reporting solution that is synched to the app allowing managers to better monitor and manage data received from technicians during line maintenance. According to Lew Wingate, Barfield Vice President for GSTE and Distribution, the software is currently being implemented in Paris and Amsterdam for the cabin interior at AFI KLM E&M, and given its success, "we at Barfield will be offering it to our partner airlines in the Americas."

One of the main features of AirInt' app is that each spare part of a technical document is listed according to their position in the aircraft, ensuring operational processes are simplified, considerably reducing inspection time, according to AirInt' founders Laurent Breard and Sébastien Requillart: "For a fleet of Boeing 777s, using AirInt' saves up to 50% of inspection time. This means substantial financial savings for airlines in a highly competitive environment."

3D modeling for cabin inspections
Equipped with a tablet loaded with the App, technicians can access a 3D plan of the cabin on which they can flag up any defective components during an inspection, which in turn automatically displays each part number, avoiding the need to go through thousands of pages of the aircraft technical manual. By clicking on the component, a requisition is immediately transmitted to the stores.

"Digitalization minimizes part number input errors and sharply decreases the costs involved in issuing and returning parts to the store," said AFI KLM E&M innovation Director James Kornberg. "Defects are identified faster, and repaired before the aircraft departs again. The solution is thus a major driver for improving cabin quality and, ultimately, passenger satisfaction."

All-round activity management
On the strength of its data engineering functions, the App improves activity management in terms of traceability, inventory management and identification of root causes. The web portal provides monitoring of cabin condition, a complete history of the defects flagged up, and access to customizable indicators. Maintenance is monitored and corrective action can be carried out before impaired parts fail during aircraft operation.

"The addition of our respective knowledge results in an effective and powerful tool," added James Kornberg. "It was a real pleasure to work with start-up AirInt' at The MRO Lab, and we will help them to market this product worldwide."

"The marketing agreement signed with Barfield will help us boost our international visibility, at the same time as we are benefiting from the reach and expertise of AFI KLM E&M, a world's major MRO operator," said Sébastien Requillart.

About Barfield
Barfield consists of 500 employees across its facilities in Miami, Phoenix, Louisville and Atlanta. With its leading facilities, Barfield can satisfy the needs of customers operating commercial or regional fleets in North, Central and South America. From MRO Services to Distribution and Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE), Barfield provides complete tailor-made support programs for A320 family, Boeing 737,757&767, Bombardier, Dash 8, ATR 42 & 72 and Embraer 170 & 190 aircraft  to operators in need of inventory and logistics solutions, repair management programs, engineering and fleet support, and component reliability management. Barfield is part of the AFI KLM E&M network, a major MRO provider.

About Barfield
Based in Bordeaux and involved in aircraft cabin maintenance for more than 10 years, AirInt' Services developed innovative mobile & web applications for the Airlines, MROs and manufacturer of the aerospace industry. In addition of productivity boost, those solutions allow cost saving and revenue maximization through data management. After raising funds from leading investors, Airintservices aims to become a major player in web & mobile solutions for aircraft maintenance.

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