Magnetic MRO Gains ASA100 Certificate

June 1, 2016

In addition to EASA 145, FAA, EASA Part M, EASA PART 21 and EASA part 147, Magnetic MRO gained the ASA100 Certificate on May 23rd.

“Magnetic MRO is well recognized as an MRO organization in the aviation market. As we continue to do more tear down projects and keep building a stock of Boeing and Airbus components for trading purposes – we also need certificates to help us be recognized as suppliers.” – Simona Verbiene, Head of Spare Parts Department.

“ASA100 will also cover our engine parts trading activity, and will ensure we continue to provide and aim for the highest quality standards within the industry. Throughout 2016, as we continue to teardown more engine assets, having successfully been accredited ASA100, will allow us to ensure that we exceed our customers requirements and expectations.” – David Bradley, Engine Management Department Sales Director.

Magnetic MRO ( is an EASA and FAA certified Total Technical Care Organization headquartered in Tallinn. We have more than 15 years of MRO experience along with 16,600 square meters of hangars today. Our company is specialized in a wide range of services varying from consulting and management to line and base maintenance along with engineering services.