Trine Aerospace & Defense Gets FAA Helicopter Repair Station Certification

Aug. 22, 2014
The helicopter certification comes on the heels of Trine receiving FAA Part 145 approval as a certified repair station in April.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO August 22, 2014 --  Trine Aerospace & Defense received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that enables it to perform maintenance, repair and overhaul services on rotor-wing aircraft.

"Trine is one of the few facilities in our region helicopter repair station certification," said Britt Ham, the company's president and chief executive officer.  "The certificate enables us to better serve our customers by providing in-house repair and replacement of non-warrantied parts as well as avionics and installation repair."

The helicopter certification comes on the heels of Trine receiving FAA Part 145 approval as a certified repair station in April.  Based at the Colorado Springs (KCOS) airport, Trine Aerospace & Defense offers engineering, manufacturing, and aircraft modification on general aviation, commercial, and special mission aircraft.  It also specializes in avionics installation and repair.

Trine opened a 30,000 square foot commercial modification facility at the Colorado Springs (KCOS) airport in January and has four helicopter mechanics, a helicopter inspector and a helicopter test pilot.

Trine provides airframe and engine maintenance, repair, overhaul, avionics, and custom tailored maintenance solutions for all types of helicopters in complex mission configurations such as air medical completions, law enforcement, offshore and corporate helicopters.     

Trine's specific helicopter services include removal, rebalancing and re-installation of blades; removal and re-installation of engines and transmissions; engine accessories, avionics, and airframe repairs. The company provides maintenance and repair for Bell, Airbus Helicopters, and McDonnell Douglas helicopter airframes.

Trine Aerospace & Defense is currently working on several helicopter maintenance and repair projects.  For a local charter company Trine is installing tactical radios in  Bell 429 helicopters used to communicate with the U.S. Forest Service.   A complete avionics, engine, and blade overhaul is also underway on a Flight for Life Airbus Helicopter Bo 105 that will return to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This is the second of three helicopters from San Juan that Trine is working on.  Trine will be working on a third helicopter this fall.

In addition to offering helicopter maintenance, Trine Aerospace & Defense provides engineered solutions that add enhanced capabilities to aircraft in support of Part 23 & 25 aircraft manufacturers, owner/operators, air carriers, and defense contractors that perform special mission aircraft integration and modernization.

With the opening of its commercial modification facility at the airport the company provides avionics installation and repair.  Services include 24 month RVSM/Pitot Static System Inspections, 24 month IFR transponder re-certification, and VFR transponder re-certification.  Other  services include major alteration and major repair design, fabrication, analysis and FAA 8110-3 approval.  Trine is an authorized dealer for Garmin International, Genesys Aerosystems, and Technisonic Communications.

"The certification along with the opening of our new facility now allows us to expand our rotor-wing product offering to both our non-government and government customer base, particularly in the form of avionics and electrical systems modification," said Ham.  "We are able to utilize our own in-house engineers, technicians and FAA-DERs (Designated Engineering Representatives) to design, install, and certify a wide variety of aircraft modifications."

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