Thierry Lubin Appointed CRMA Vice President Marketing and Sales

June 11, 2014
CRMA specializes in repairs to engine parts and modules; overhauls for a range of aircraft components

Paris, Amstelveen, 11 June 2014 - Thierry Lubin has been appointed CRMA’s Vice President Marketing & Sales. Based at Elancourt near Paris, AFI KLM E&M group subsidiary CRMA specializes in repairs to engine parts and modules (CFM56, GE90 and GP7200) and overhauls for a range of aircraft components.

Following a short period at Snecma, Thierry Lubin joined the AIR FRANCE group in 1982, starting at the Engines Division, an Air France Industries business unit. He worked successively in regulation, technical and production sectors before shifting to customer support and industrial development. As such, he became leader of the industrialization project for the GE90 at Orly, Roissy-CDG, and Elancourt. In this capacity, he was also instrumental in integrating CRMA into the development of Very Big Engine (VBE) repair services. In 2009, still with the Engines Division, he was appointed to take charge of surplus engines and parts sales, after which he became an asset manager. This most recent experience helped him to build up a considerable network in the “serviceable” parts market, mainly comprising traders and OEMs. On his appointment, Thierry Lubin said: “I know the CRMA facility since the 1990s when we were integrating the CF6-50. We can be proud of having such a cutting edge production facility as part of our Group. This is why I am honoured to be joining CRMA and its Marketing & Sales teams, where I hope to be able to put in contribution my know-how and experience in aircraft parts which I acquired working at the AFI KLM E&M Engines Business. Together, we will continue to develop new repair products that constitute the added value for CRMA services as we strive to meet the ever-more exacting demands of our clients who expect high-performance, consistency, and personalized service.”

About CRMA
CRMA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AIR FRANCE KLM group and employs a staff of experimented mechanics, technicians and engineers. CRMA engagement and values are essentially based on industrial and technical excellence of products and services, guaranteeing the operational safety of airlines. CRMA offers service quality by a dynamic relationship with its customers through a dedicated team and company-wide customer awareness and a continuous effort to stay ahead with a pro-active repair development strategy. CRMA is the first MRO shop in the world (except the OEM) to repair the whole GE90-94 combustion chamber in house and is in charge of, CFM56, GE90 GP7200 engine parts and modules repair and aircraft equipment overhaul. Major parts, modules & equipment, combustors, TCF modules, casings, rotating seals, honeycomb brazed parts, booster vanes, VBV systems, electrical harnesses, aircraft brakes. Major high technical processes: Thermal spray processes, Vacuum heat treatment, Laser drilling and welding, Water jet stripping, Shot peening, Electro Discharge Machining, Non Destructive Tests, Room Temperature Vulcanizing, Welding, Chemical stripping.

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