Comlux America Develops Customized and Innovative VIP Cabins

May 19, 2014
Comlux has developed, manufactured, certified and integrated a lighter air conditioning system which enhances VIP passenger comfort by decreasing the noise contribution to the interior cabin environment.

Comlux America, the VIP Completion and Services Center of Comlux in Indianapolis, is developing its VIP cabin concepts and systems to provide the highest level of customization and innovation to its VIP customers.

On the design side, Comlux Creatives is consolidating its tailor-made approach with the “Five Senses Concept”. Each sense is revealed during the five key phases of the VIP cabin project: Definition, Concept, Material, Detail, and Completion.

Each customer is unique” says Lauri Church, Head of Comlux Creatives department. “For each cabin completion, our team of designers is using our “Five Senses” concept which is the most personalized way to discover and understand our client’s very distinctive tastes, ideas and expectations in order to bring them to life in a one-of-a-kind VVIP cabin interior.”

She adds: “It starts first with the discovery phase “Hear” when we listen to our client’s ideas, needs and desires. This crucial information then feeds the Concept phase where our designers convert our client’s “Taste” into an aircraft interior styling. With conceptualization complete, the Material phase then brings the “Touch” sense with the review and selection of exquisite materials that will bring unique elegance to the cabin concept. With visualization of the cabin concept now possible the team moves to the Detail phase “See” with the creation of dimensionally correct colored layouts and 3D renderings or even virtual animations. This confirms Comlux has achieved the client’s visions and moves us to start engineering and fabrication. The final phase occurs during the Completion phase of fabrication and installation where the real “Smell” can be experienced. Customized furniture and seats will be inspected as they are created to ensure they meet precisely the intention of the design and the client. These First Articles then travel to the aircraft to bring the first signs of life to a personalized and unique interior cabin.  The interior will continue to grow as our designers oversee every last detail until it is finally born into its elegant and exclusive home above the clouds.”

On the technology front, the Comlux America Engineering department has developed, manufactured, certified and integrated a lighter air conditioning system which enhances VIP passenger comfort by decreasing the noise contribution to the interior cabin environment to a level where it cannot be heard in flight, improves aircraft performance by reducing weight, and does all of this without any impact to aircraft maintenance or operations. Comlux has already installed the system on three different VIP aircraft and the in-service experience has demonstrated reduced cabin sound levels from the OEM systems and has contributed to exceeding completion specification requirements.

 “Reducing the noise level in a VIP cabin has conventionally been about optimization between adding sound attenuating material and minimizing weight added to the aircraft to meet mission requirements. But it can be taken much further than that.” says Daron Dryer, Director of Comlux Engineering department. “At Comlux, we go beyond the conventional optimization by developing exclusive aircraft systems. Our systems are more advanced in the areas of sound levels and weight impact than incoming systems from the OEM.”

Comlux The Aviation Group is a leader in VIP aviation services operating worldwide with the highest standards of safety and quality. Beyond VIP charter operations, Comlux offers a comprehensive set of services to VIP customers who wish to have their own aircraft managed personally and professionally. This includes exclusive aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, cabin design and completion as well as maintenance and engineering services.