LORD Corporation Adds Bell 429 Platform Support, Restructures Offerings in Effort to Lower DOCs

Feb. 5, 2014
It has implemented several changes to help lower direct operating costs (DOCs) for operators, as well as ease the maintenance burden in terms of cost and support.

(Cary, NC – Feb. 5, 2014) – LORD Corporation—a leader in the management of vibration, noise and motion control—has announced new part offerings, repair service for the Bell 429 fleet, as well as other service improvements to better meet the needs of the aerospace aftermarket.

According to Rodolphe Leroy, manager global sales, Business Development & Marketing LORD Aerospace Aftermarket, LORD has implemented several changes to help lower direct operating costs (DOCs) for operators, as well as ease the maintenance burden in terms of cost and support.

“We have taken a serious look at how we can help lower Bell operators’ direct operating costs, not only by re-pricing our parts, but also by constantly looking to increase the life of our legacy parts and offering additional repairs on new and existing platforms,” said Leroy.

LORD Corporation’s overhaul and repair program is FAA/EASA approved and can meet AOG requirements. Devoted solely to providing overhaul and repair products to aircraft owners and operators, customers can choose from an exchange pool, spare replacement parts, or complete overhaul of their product. Leroy noted that overhauled parts, manufactured with the same thoroughness as the parts going on a new aircraft, can be 50 percent cheaper than the new parts available through the OEM.

LORD currently offers a two-year limited warranty or 1,000 hours for LORD repaired parts on the 206, 407,412 and 429  platforms  However, LORD is working on new elastomeric technology that will enable an increase in the life of main rotor hub elastomeric bearings to up to double the existing life.

“Helping aircraft owners improve their bottom-line is part of our job as a leading supplier of noise, vibration and motion control products," said Leroy. "And, our overhaul and repair parts program is simply one of the ways we help reduce DOCs."

In addition, LORD now offers repair service for the Bell 429.  

LORD has been a key partner in supporting Bell legacy aircrafts. Now, with more than 200 429 helicopters flying, the fleet can also rely on LORD to repair their elastomeric bearings and keep their operating costs low.

LORD recently added repair service for 407 blue coated parts (shear bearing 407-310-101-101, lead lag bearing 407-310-102-103 and main rotor damper 407-310-100-107), 412 pivot bearing (412-010-106-101), 429 lead lag damper (429-310-001-105), 429 vertical live mount (427-310-201-107), 429 pitch restraint assembly (429-310-201-105), 429 CF bearing (429-310-003-010), as well as 204 bonded tube form mountings (204-031-927-005 and 204-031-927-007).

For more information or a complete listing of available products, visit www.lord.com/mro

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