Bartolome Ferriol, AMT 2018 Next Gen 40 Under 40 Award Winner

Sept. 20, 2018
33, Shift Manager, AAR Aircraft Services Miami Years in Aviation: 15

Since Bartolome Ferriol was a little kid, his uncle, who is an AMT as well, took him to the airport frequently and he's liked aircraft since then. Being an AMT "is a pride that we carry as aircraft maintenance technicians to ensure every task we accomplish on an aircraft is ensured to be of the highest quality and airworthy condition to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew members, who depend on our integrity.," Ferriol says.

Ferriol's mentor is Ramses Perez, current vice president of operations at AAR. He received training at George T. Baker Aviation school and has taken advanced training in several aircraft types along with leadership training.

His career has included several companies in Florida including MIA Executive Aviation, Commercial Jet Inc., Gulfstream International Airlines, Alpha-Tech Aviation, and American Airlines. Currently he is shift manager at AAR Aircraft Services Miami, responsible for the operations, organization, planning of 12 project managers, avionics and interior department with a total workforce of 213 employees, ensuring productivity and most importantly employee safety. He is also tasked to oversee up to 12 projects through the project managers to ensure project flow is maintained and at the same time adjust the workforce to ensure budget is controlled to be profitable for the corporation. 

Nominated by Vicky Sokolowski, Director Field HR, AAR Aircraft Services: "As a shift manager Bartolome is responsible for managing 12 crews and supporting departments with an overall daily average of 215 employees, ensuring each project has the required manpower to reach the assigned goals. The most important goal for him in his current assignment as shift manager at AAR is to build a strong motivated crew that works well as a team on his shift as well as the day and midnight shift to achieve our customer and AAR goals. With time and experience he can move on to become a director of maintenance at one of AAR’s repair stations. His long- term goal is to develop his management skills through training and experience followed by obtaining a degree in maintenance management. This degree can help him grow within any organization to reach an executive position where he can continue to give the best of himself while achieving great results through innovative ideas. He also mentors and trains the junior technicians to ensure they understand the importance and criticality of the function of an aircraft maintenance technician in this industry."

To give back to the industry, he shares his "knowledge and experience with the incoming future AMTs, ensuring they develop the skills and responsibilities that come with this profession." He also preaches safety, compliance, and ownership to "keep the integrity of this small world of aviation maintenance technicians to the highest possible." 

Ferriol's goal is to continue acquiring experience to continue growing within the AAR organization.