2016 AMT Next Gen Award: Carolyn Rena Kincaid

Nov. 28, 2016
Manager of Training and Records Departments, AAR Aircraft Services Indianapolis Years in Aviation: 19

Carolyn Rena Kincaid, 37, is Manager of Training and Records Departments for AAR Aircraft Services Indianapolis. She decided at an early age that aviation was her career choice. "That fascination with flight has stayed with me even today."

She started her career at 19 with AOG Tank Tigers in Greenville, SC, then moved to a position with ATA Airlines, and then AAR Indianapolis. Her current dual role requires her to oversee all aspects of new hire, compliance, and maintenance training, as well as ensure that all aircraft records meet regulatory requirements, and meet or exceed customer expectations. She previously served as a fuel tank technician, aircraft structural repair technician, structural repair lead, operations supervisor, and apprentice program supervisor.

Kincaid attended Vincennes University and holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant license. She has completed leadership courses with Strata, attended and facilitated Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers, and helps develop training curricula for AAR Corporation. She is currently the MRO group training team leader, and advises departments on training programs, and StAAR (AAR’s internal computer based MRO management system).

Kelly Sauer, AAR Aircraft Services vice president of quality, says, "Rena’s first day at work was so successful she was immediately assigned to a project level 178 Bulkhead MOD. Because of the complexity of this work it was only assigned to the best of the best. Rena went on to prove herself on this project and it became the launching point for her career in sheet metal at AAR. In September 2011, Rena applied for a newly created position, the apprentice program supervisor. Rena developed and implemented the program within three weeks of starting. The apprentice program has gone on to produce some of our best sheet metal technicians with some now in lead positions. Four months later Rena applied for and was awarded the training manager position and has been in the role now for 4.5 years. Additionally she was assigned management of the Records Department, and appointed the MRO group leader for the training departments. Rena has a proven track record of succeeding at and exceeding all expectations in any role she has taken. She is well respected by her peers and I am both proud and blessed to have her as a member of my team."

Kincaid strives to "improve operations daily by educating our technicians, streamlining our processes, and encouraging all of our technicians to pass on their knowledge via mentoring. I hope to continue to lead and inspire others here at AAR, and would like to progress in the training and quality management roles with ASI."