2016 AMT Next Gen Awards: Josh Riehle

Nov. 28, 2016
Director of Quality at HAECO Cabin Solutions, Greensboro, NC Years in Aviation: 16

Josh Riehle is 35 years old and says, "I have always enjoyed the aviation industry. As a child our house was next to the helipad for one of the local hospitals. I would ride my bike up to the edge of the field and watch the aircraft arrive and depart with fascination. When it came time to go to college I initially went into engineering but found it lacked the hands-on interface that I enjoyed. I switched over to the technology program at Purdue University and was hooked. I was able to taxi a B737 aircraft, work with various engines, and learn about the vehicles that I had searched out every time I heard a noise in the sky as a child. From there that love of aviation has taken me all over the world, allowing me to continue to learn and grow."

His education started at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, where he earned an associate of science degree in 2002, bachelor's of science in 2004, and master's of science in 2009. All programs of study were technology based with his master's focused on aviation maintenance and on SMS implementation in industry. As part of his collegiate studies he obtained his Airframe & Powerplant certificate in 2004.

Riehle feels that working at HAECO has kept him in the industry. The challenges faced each day in such a fast-paced and complex environment, the people he gets to work with every day, and the smell of jet fuel in the morning are a few of the things that keep him coming back for more.

He credits two people as his primary mentors in aviation. Dave Latimer and Bob McClellan have been his mentors at HAECO throughout his career with the company. He says they have and continue to provide invaluable help, assistance, redirection (at times), but most importantly guidance and support. Without these two individuals he feels he would not be where he is today.

His working career in aviation began at Raisbeck Engineering in Seattle, WA, as an intern. He spent time as a teaching assistant at Purdue University, and in 2005 took an intern position in the regulatory compliance group at TIMCO Aviation Services (now HAECO Americas) in Greensboro, NC. Josh has held numerous roles at HAECO.

Riehle says, "I try to give back to the industry in as many ways as I can. When I started working at HAECO I worked to set up an internship program with my alma mater. While that program fell off during the recession, I am working with HAECO to get this program re-established for co-op and internship possibilities starting in 2017. This also includes recruiting for permanent positions." 

He has provided support to two different aviation maintenance technical schools. This has included working with classes as a guest speaker, providing tours of repair facilities to classes, and advising on regulatory issues. The guest speaker classes provide him an opportunity to speak with graduate and undergraduate classes, provide industry feedback on their course projects, and offer guidance on career choices and paths to achieve students' career goals.  

Riehle works close with the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, attends the ARSA annual symposium, and has worked with Senate and Congressional representatives on the needs of the industry and impact of proposed regulations to ensure actions taken promote the safety of the flying public, do not negatively impact aircraft maintenance, and are supportive of the continued growth and prosperity of the people working in the industry.

As for career golas, Riehle simply says, "Never stop learning, ever. Take advantage of all the opportunities that I can to learn, and give back to the industry, in some manner, in at least two different ways each year."