It's the Responsibility of a Leader to Create the Market!

Nov. 13, 2014
AMT magazine has been the leader for 25 years and we look forward to leading the next 25 years!

If you have heard me say it once, you have heard me say it a thousand times: It is the responsibility of the industry leader to create the marketplace. So to better service aviation industry, Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine, has stepped into the ring and unleashed a bold, new, cutting-edge look and feel as well as a refined editorial direction! Leadership is more than a word; it is a way of thinking and carrying oneself. At AMT, we see being an industry influencer as being a rock-solid leader. Leadership is something you can look up to and learn from. With that said, we have decided to make major improvements in our print and digital brands, beginning with our digital a few months ago and now this print issue. 

While we all like to say we are No. 1 … what does that mean? At AMT that means heavily investing financially in staff and technology to offer superior digital and print products to ensure we bring the industry the information it needs and wants. Knowing we live in a multimedia world and you rely on more than magazines, we have invested in a comprehensive multimedia branding to bring the right message, to the right audience in the right media. Whether it is our magazine, website, daily eNewsletter, video newsletter, or multiple other custom offerings, we can help you develop and maintain your leadership in the market. 

We launched a state-of-the-art website using responsive design technology that automatically knows what devise you are using and adjusts the page to optimize your user experience. Even our graphics and ads are designed specifically for each device to ensure you get the information you need in the optimal design. Look at or our daily eNewsletter on a Tablet and rotate the screen, see how it goes between two columns and three columns to optimize your reader experience? It also learns what you like to read and guides you to like editorial to enhance your experience … pretty smart stuff!  No more pinching in and out on your smart phone since it is optimized to the device to allow you to read, search information, products and articles. We do the work so you don't have to!

Now this issue: the redesign starts with a bold new cover that will feature eye-catching industry-related photos. Take a good look at the clean modern feel optimized for your reading experience! While the look and feel are important for a pleasant reading experience, the heart of any magazine is its editorial content. We have been putting out a strong product for 25 years, and because being a leader means working even harder to stay in front of the pack, we decided to take our editorial focus to the next level based on what you, the reader, is looking for.

Due to popular demand, we have again invested to improve our digital daily eNewsletter with industry information and to keep you informed of what is happening every day. Keep in touch with what more than 31,000 of your peers read to help keep them informed as a knowledgeable leader, subscribe today.

Since starting with AviationPros in January of this year I have learned that AMT is a respected industry brand. We have spent countless hours (as I write this over the weekend) and financial investments to bring the AMT brand back to the leadership position we have held for 25 years. Talk is cheap … many say they are No. 1 … many use smoke and mirrors because they cannot compete. Make sure you are showing your leadership position, investing in your product and services to ensure it is best in the market, then make sure your message is shared with your clients. Show me the money and be a leader by joining with AMT and creating the market in a positive way to help it grow.

Leadership is strong, leadership can be fun and entertaining at the same time, and leadership is bringing new technology to market. AMT magazine has been the leader for 25 years and we look forward to leading the next 25 years! While we are proud of what we have accomplished this year … we are far from satisfied and have many new projects in the works to help you in your leadership role. Leaders lead so it our responsibility to lead the industry together!

Email me at [email protected] with your thoughts or suggestions of topics and technologies you would like to see covered in AMT. Together we will lead the industry and create the marketplace.