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June 6, 2012
… our annual Technical Support Directory, June Tool and Equipment Supplement, and the first AMT iPad App.

Congratulations go to Elliott Aviation located at the Quad Cities International Airport in Moline, IL, for submitting the winning photo used for the cover on this month’s issue of AMT. The photo was chosen as the winner of this year’s AMT Readers In Action cover photo contest.

You can clearly see the Elliott AMTs working together - in action - removing the elevators on a Hawker 800XP. Elliott technicians shown in the photo are Jeff Reiger, Adam Berkey, Brad Beckmann, Craig Netherton, Garrett Billings, and Bill Engle. Thanks to all of the people who submitted photos. I wish we had space for more.

This issue of AMT is our annual Technical Support Directory which also contains our June Tools and Equipment Supplement, both great resources to assist with the task of locating and contacting any number of companies supporting the business of aircraft maintenance. Keep this comprehensive listing on your desk, workbench, or tool-chest, in your office or equipment and parts area. Refer to it whenever you need to research where to get that next tool, training class, or specialized maintenance service.

Speaking of tools, how many of us have heard or even used this popular phrase, the right tool for the right job? I spoke with Scott King with King Industries regarding the importance of proper tools and methods when accomplishing critical tasks such as removing and installing bearings into aircraft components. Read the article and you will agree proper bearing installation is one of those critical tasks requiring the right tool for the right job.

Something new this month with AMT! We are pleased to announce this issue is also the first AMT iPad app. Yes, now you can access AMT using your iPad. In addition to the same content as contained in the print issue, the iPad app also contains two additional feature articles. Take a look at the AMT iPad app, visit iTunes to download it, and tell us how you like it.

Thanks, Ron

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