2023 AMT 40 Under 40 Maintenance Professional: Timothy A. Smith — Challenger Operations Supervisor, Bombardier Business Aircraft – Hartford

Aug. 10, 2023
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith

Timothy A. Smith is a go-to person for Bombardier’s Challenger program. He’s a project manager, aircraft lead, line service, and operations supervisor. 

What does he enjoy most about his work? “The constant change from not knowing what I’m going to be doing from day to day.” He references “the hustle and bustle” and says, “There’s always something to do,” which has led him to look at the opportunities and tools to improve operational efficiencies. 

One of those tools is IBM Maximo for Aviation, with Maximo, Bombardier can efficiently schedule and manage aircraft maintenance to maintain regulatory compliance and minimize periods when an aircraft is grounded. While using the reports within the app, he says, “I can see where we need to focus or where there may be shortcomings in policies or procedures.” 

Maximo especially helps Smith keep an eye on new hires. If you ask people if they need help, he says they might say, “no, I got it, I’m good.” Maximo may show otherwise based on the time spent working on a task. Smith says the data encourages further examination and communication – possibly, leading to a review of training or change to policies or procedures. 

As a mentor, Smith isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. “If you really take your gloves off and work next to people, it shows them nothing’s below management and you can fully understand where the team needs assistance.” 

Smith has a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale and an A&P from CT Aero Tech.