Emmeline Watson, AMT Next Gen 40 Under 40 Award Winner

Sept. 20, 2018
36, Certification Coordinator, Duncan Aviation, Lincoln, NE Years in Aviation: 4

"Engineering is about load, geometry and material properties. If you know these three variables," Emmeline Watson says, "you can apply your math skills and solve virtually any problem. I love to solve problems and have applied my engineering skills to crack growth, vehicle dynamics, pavement design and large building structures, but never airplanes. When the opportunity arose to join the Duncan team after maternity leave with my second daughter, I jumped at the opportunity with no hesitation and was beyond excited to apply my skills to new loads and geometries."

Mentors include Dr. Roberto Soares from grad school, and Jeannine Falter, Don Shaffer and Tracy Bohaboj from Duncan. 

Watson received her bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from the Federal University of Ceara in Brazil. From there, she achieved her master of science degree in engineering mechanics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Watson has also taken FAA Part 21 training. 

She started at Duncan in a temporary, entry-level structural engineer position and was later promoted to a full-time position and then Engineer II. As a structural engineer, among other things, she applied advanced mathematical concepts to engineering solutions. For the last year, she's been working as a certification coordinator, where she manages and coordinates engineering and certification projects.

Nominated by Tracy Bohaboj, LNK Engineering Team Leader, Duncan Aviation: "Although Emmeline began her career in the Aviation industry just four years ago, she has long been in the field of engineering. Since joining the Duncan Aviation team, Emmeline has embraced the aviation industry and has personally sought out mentors in the business to expand her knowledge base. As a result, Emmeline continues to excel in her current role and is routinely tapped to work on special projects, some of which include international travel. Her passion for her work and love of the industry keeps her well connected with student groups and professional organizations. Emmeline is the first to volunteer to address youth organizations interested in Engineering and Aviation as well as female student groups to empower them to enter a STEM career field. She has represented Duncan Aviation on a panel for a women’s organization and is affiliated with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Her determination and positivity are infectious, as is her desire to empower youth of all backgrounds to pursue a career in Engineering, or other STEM career fields."

For the last few years, Duncan has partnered with the University of Nebraska Math Department, and hosts an event for high school girls from all over the United States for UNL's math camp. During their visit to Duncan, they are presented with "real-world problems" where the girls need to apply the math concepts they’ve learned. Watson also serves as a panelist, for STEAM discussions at local high schools, universities, and colleges. "I love my field, and love sharing this passion every chance I get."

As for the future, Watson intends to “keep learning everyday from this amazing field called aviation."