2017 AMT Next Gen Award: Nikolay Drobkov

Nov. 21, 2017
QC Inspector/Turbine Records Auditor, 29, Hageland Aviation, Palmer, AK

Nikolay Drobkov was still in high school, when a friend mentioned that he could earn his pilot’s certificate while still in high school. Drobkov had his first demo flight when he was 14. He saw aviation as a great opportunity.

He first hired on as a courier at Era Aviation. He was introduced to a group of fellow mechanics that all played a role in his aviation career. When he got his foot in the door, his boss mentioned that working for the airline he could get his A&P certificate through on-the-job training. That sparked his interest, and he started helping out in the overhaul shop. 
After a few years, he became the overhaul shop lead technician. After a few more years he earned his A&P certificate and then managed the overhaul shop at Ravn Aviation and helped out on the floor providing assistance for the 1900 C&D models and the Dash 8 Q100 maintenance. After a year he transferred over to Hageland Aviation, working on Cessna Grand Caravan 208B, 208EX, Reims F406, Cessna 207, and the Navajo PA-31. He was promoted to lead mechanic and would travel to outstations in Alaska maintaining aircraft and occasionally filling in for supervisors performing line maintenance and operations. After three years as lead mechanic, he became quality control inspector/turbine records auditor.  
Besides his on-the-job training at Era Aviation, Ravn Aviation, and Hageland Aviation, he has received training at AeroTech Flight School; Alaska Technical Training; A-Scan Laboratories; North Star Aviation Services; and FlightSafety. 
Nominated by Timothy Rogers, training coordinator, Ravn Aviation: He makes it his job to continually learn more about each particular aircraft, practices sound troubleshooting techniques, and manages and encourages mechanics on his shift to do the same. He leads his mechanics in an effective manner, ensures they have what they need to complete the job, listens to their concerns, and corrects what needs to make it a sound worksite. He contributes to management to improve the process of generating quality workmanship, shares his knowledge with junior mechanics, encourages all those around him to provide excellent customer service to the pilot that fly the aircraft, and is helpful to the support staff. He mentors the shop helpers and encourages their striving toward A&P certification. He is a great example of an AMT, brings enthusiasm to his fellow workers, and consistently is dedicated to providing our airline with quality aircraft for service. He is dedicated to a safe work environment as well. He has recently been engaged in quality assurance work and shares his ideas on how to improve our inspection process to include technical writing of our documents and General Maintenance Manual. His presence is key to our success and we encourage his continued quest for growth, knowledge, and enthusiasm."
As for the future, Drobkov says, "I perform my best at my current job, and as opportunities arise I will be aiming for them. My goal would be to contribute and focus more on the safety side of aviation and work for organizations like the NTSB."