2017 AMT Next Gen Award: Travis Geist

Nov. 21, 2017
Airframe Lead Technician, 29, Duncan Aviation, Lincoln, NE

Travis Geist's dad was an ASE certified car mechanic. "I worked side by side with him for many years and he persuaded me to go into something other than automotive," Geist says. "My uncle is in the aviation industry working for Delta out of ATL. I went to visit him when I was younger and really got hooked with airplanes. To be really honest I have always wanted to be a pilot and that has really made me chase the aviation industry."

Geist attended Kansas State University in Salina, KS, and received his bachelor's in aeronautical science. He interned at Duncan during summer breaks while attending college. When he started full time at Duncan he worked on a Challenger, Astra, and Globals. He started as a Mechanic 1 and his basic job functions were to pull panels, lube things, and learn as much as possible. Then he went to nights while he was a Mechanic 1 and about a year after that he was Mechanic 2. Additional training was Global Maintenance Initial through FlightSafety International and Advanced Troubleshooting through Global Jet Services. And he has a mentor, Troy Nail at Duncan, who "has taught me a lot and really pushed me to be who I am today as a lead technician."

Nominated by Jennifer Monroe, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Duncan Aviation: "Throughout his seven-year career with Duncan Aviation, Travis has displayed great leadership skills and has an innate drive for results. His communication and planning skills are imperative to keep team members and support shops apprized during projects to ensure milestones are met. As a leader, Travis is also laser focused on ensuring a safety remains a priority for himself and his team; not only to maintain their safety but also the safety of the aircraft.

"Travis has completed the Global Express maintenance initial course, is run certified on both Challenger 604/605 and 300 series, and is a qualified inspector. To continue to grow his leadership skills, Travis has also completed internal training sessions such as “Management 101” and “A Look At Leadership.”

"Travis is extremely passionate about the aviation industry and remains active with his Alma mater, volunteering with students pursuing a career in aviation. He is also a member of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA). He serves as a respected mentor to new technicians at Duncan Aviation and is a natural leader to those coming up in the industry. Travis brings his ‘A’ game to work every day and in all ways embodies Duncan Aviation’s core values."

His career goal would be to find a director of maintenance job with a local company that has a Bombardier product. At Duncan Aviation he is interested in either a project manager position or a team leader position. The true goal/dream would be an AG pilot.