Aviation Mart Pioneers a New Era of e-Commerce for the Aircraft Parts Industry

June 7, 2016
Research has shown that airline buyers of components worldwide want speed, simplicity and fair market prices.

London/Miami, 7th June 2016:  Aviation Mart is committed to accelerating the pace of innovation within the aviation sector and pioneering accessible e-commerce for the trading of aircraft spare parts.  Its objective is to make the sales of parts easier and faster, anytime and anywhere. Thanks to mobile technology, it has created an inclusive form of e-commerce that enables aviation businesses of all sizes to connect and participate in the global trading economy for spare parts. 

Airlines can dispense with time-consuming RFQs and immediately access parts that are genuinely available from pre-qualified suppliers. All sellers can compete on a level playing field, reach global markets at minimal cost, and better serve their customers. 

Aviation Mart is a unique global online marketplace for commercial, regional and corporate jet aircraft spares, including helicopter parts, that anyone can freely access 24/7/365 – no subscriptions or costly, limited, log-ins. Prices for parts are displayed online via the ‘buy now’ fixed price functionality, or live auction option. Via its secure server, economic opportunities for buyers and sellers alike are accessible through transparent pricing and stock availability updated in real time.

“The high quality search tools utilised by Aviation Mart ensure the site experience is smooth, fast and accurate” said Gareth McAuliffe, Director – Aviation Mart, at the launch of the site at the Global MRO Procurement Expo in London. “The robust system is reliable, and features responsive, intuitive, design characteristics which are universally familiar to users. Buyers can search online by part number, condition, and location for example, and because each listing will be optimised for search engines like Google it can be ‘seen’. The responsive design is compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices across all operating systems.”

The control and security provided by Aviation Mart, combined with the maximum flexibility offered by the aircraft parts listings, means that vendors and buyers of all sizes can trade in a transparent environment that is freely open to all. Importantly, they can trust the accuracy of information by accessing the certificates and other documents that the seller can upload, prices for units can be compared, and preferred shipment and payment options chosen.

“Importantly, at Aviation Mart the online community cohesion and fair interaction is managed by experienced aviation professionals” explains McAuliffe.

Both Directors have in-depth knowledge of the aviation sector. Gareth McAuliffe has 16 years’ experience starting his career as a Laser Systems Engineer then moving into sales. Prior to launching Aviation Mart his latest role was Vice President - Avionic Sales at Thomas Global Systems. George Santana has enjoyed over 25 years in the aviation industry with 12 years employed by a major OEM in Field Support & Sales. “We are both commercially minded and customer focused” says Santana.  “We have undertaken extensive research with the buyers of aircraft parts and fine-tuned the site to reflect their familiar e-commerce experiences. With offices and technical support located in the UK and the US, serving MROs, airlines and parts traders worldwide, our aim is to support the industry and provide a new conduit for the successful, fast and fair trading of aircraft components.”

Aviation Mart is proud to welcome Millennium International as one of its launch customers. Claude T. Peoples, VP Sales and Service at Millennium International, says: “We are always striving to stay on the leading edge of repair and overhaul capabilities and long term upgrade solutions for our customers. Aviation Mart is a revolutionary new tool for our industry which employs common sense searches for anyone who needs to search for aviation equipment in both buy now and bid formats. Aviation Mart allows us to easily list our equipment at fair listing agreement based upon a simple sales percentage once the item sells. The professional look, SEO, and ease of use make this a great product filling a much needed niche. Millennium International is excited to be one of Aviation Mart’s launch customers.”

“It is early days” says McAuliffe, “but the response from airlines and buyers has been exceptionally positive, so vendors will find a ready marketplace. We’re keen to demonstrate how Aviation Mart can supplement their sales and marketing strategies and invite them all to join a new era of e-commerce and opportunity.”

Aviation Mart is a global online marketplace for commercial, regional and corporate jet aircraft spares, including helicopter parts. Free listings and free searches can be accessed 24/7/365 via a secure server with flexible payment options. Aviation Mart delivers economic opportunities for buyers and sellers alike through its policy of transparent pricing, and stock availability updated in real-time. Aviation Mart has offices in Florida, USA; and Wales, UK. www.aviationmart.com