JETechnology Solutions, Inc is Awarded Contract from Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina for the Refurbishing and Relocation of C-17 Engine Maintenance Platforms

June 23, 2020

JETechnology Solutions, Inc. has been awarded a contract for the refurbishing and relocation of C-17 Engine Maintenance Platforms located at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, the platforms will be inspected, disassembled, and brought back to JSI headquarters to be refurbished and tested for proper operation. Once the platforms pass JSI’s strict quality assurance process they will be delivered to Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina for setup and training of the C-17 aircraft maintenance personnel.

The expertise displayed with JSI’s existing work for the C-17 aircraft at Robins Air Force Base makes us the logical choice to work on any C-17 GSE and maintenance platforms regardless of the manufacturer.

“Since this is the first time for JSI working with both Dover Air Force Base and Charleston Air Force Base this is a great opportunity for the JSI team to showcase our ability to provide the unparalleled professionalism and work ethic that JSI is known for,” says retired U.S. Marine, Mitchell Hamilton, Business Development Manager at JSI.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Maintenance and Service program reach out to us at (888) 510-0389 or visit us on the web at www.aircraftmaintenancestands.comOur team is ready to provide a customized solution for you!