German Military Halts Use of Eurofighter Jets Over Faulty Component

July 25, 2022

Berlin — The German military has restricted the use of its Eurofighter jets after their manufacturer said a component used in the ejector seats was faulty, a spokesperson told dpa on Friday.

An investigation is now under way to test the component, the spokesperson added.

According to industry sources, the faulty component is in cartridges used as propellants in the ejector seats. The sources added that the defect had also been found in other combat aircraft.

The problem came to light after an air force squadron in Neuburg an der Donau refrained from conducting a demonstration flight on Friday during a visit by Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht.

The Eurofighter jets made headlines several years ago after a report showed that only a small proportion of those owned by the Bundeswehr were combat-ready.

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