General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces Reveals Loss of Russian Troops Since Beginning of Conflict

March 16, 2022

Mar. 16—The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published the total combat losses of Russian troops since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine military conflict, Trend reports referring to Ukrainian media.

Thus, from February 24 to March 16, Russia's battle casualties were estimated to be:

personnel — around 13,800 people,

tanks — 430,

armored combat vehicles — 1375,

artillery systems — 190,

multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) — 70,

air defense systems — 43,

aircraft — 84,

helicopters — 108,

automotive equipment — 819,

ships/boats — 3,

tanks with fuel and lubricants — 60,

UAV operational-tactical level — 11.

special equipment — 10.

"The data is being updated. The high intensity of military actions complicates the calculation," the General Staff stated.


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