WestJet: Characters of Disney's Popular Frozen Theme Airborne with Mankiewicz Paint

Nov. 2, 2015
The tail of the aircraft features Anna and Elsa celebrating sisterhood and the magic of snow. Moving along the aircraft from back to front, the magic travels to warmer climes where Olaf can be found enjoying a summer day on the beach.

November 2, 2015. Using Mankiewicz ALEXIT® BaseCoat/ClearCoat system, Canada’s second largest airline WestJet, has brought an extraordinary aircraft livery to life. After an impressive collaboration on the Magic Plane aircraft featuring sorcerer Mickey in 2013, the newest highlight is a Boing 737-800 completely painted in the theme of the most successful Disney movie of all time -Frozen. At first look, it is clear that the output of this new collaboration is very special: the precise color transitions and extremely vivid illustrations create a magical, glowing scenery. The exceptional characteristics of the Mankiewicz coating system made this result possible. "Using the Mankiewicz paint and colors, I could complete this exceptional design, using the finest airbrush techniques without restrictions. With the Mankiewicz paint system, I can achieve any desired design effect in record time. These coatings are simply in a class of their own“, says airbrush artist André Eisele, who completed the aircraft together with the paint shop Leading Edge Aviation Services in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mankiewicz is also very pleased with the successful collaboration: “We are proud to be the paint supplier of choice to WestJet, and particularly delighted to see these custom designs, which really do show what you can achieve with paint, while making a huge brand impression”, says Peter Dietz, Manager Director of Mankiewicz Coatings Charleston. Mankiewicz Coatings supplied the Basecoat & Clearcoat system that is renowned for its ease of application and use in multi-color and multi-dimensional livery designs. The project was supported by Mankiewicz Technical and Sales resources. A team of painters from Canada, the United States and Germany coated the whole aircraft within 21 days, using 23 color shades and plenty of delicate color transitions.

“It is always such a great pleasure to work collaboratively with Mankiewicz coatings and their support team. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table especially on major projects like the Disney airplanes. I rely heavily on their expertise. They have been a true partner every step of the way and I am never hesitant to call on them for support. The relationship between our two companies and the achievements we’ve realized together have been remarkable” David Robertson, Manager, WestJet Heavy Maintenance

The tail of the aircraft features Anna and Elsa celebrating sisterhood and the magic of snow. Moving along the aircraft from back to front, the magic travels to warmer climes where Olaf can be found enjoying a summer day on the beach. Many delicate elements like filigree ice crystals or a detailed sandcastle feature the layout. By flying back and forth between the Disney parks, the airplane creates a special traveling experience for the visitors.

About BaseCoat/ClearCoat

The basecoat/clearcoat system follows a modular principle whereby the livery is made up of a basecoat that is geared towards short drying times and high color intensity. Protection from the environment is provided through a clearcoat layer that will ensure extended durability, gloss retention, color stability and chemical resistance. Mankiewicz was the first in the industry to introduce this system


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