Post a Selfie; Win Free Wi-Fi; Post More Selfies

May 21, 2014
Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the latest OnAir customer to run an inflight connectivity promotion using Facebook and Twitter.

Geneva, 20 May 2014 – Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the latest OnAir customer to run an inflight connectivity promotion using Facebook and Twitter. On the 6th May, the Philippine’s flag carrier started a campaign offering free inflight Internet to passengers who are flying on aircraft equipped with the airline’s iNAiR Wi-Fi service. The campaign finishes on the 28th May.

Passengers simply need to take a picture of themselves - a selfie - next to the PAL iNAiR banner in Terminal 2 at Manila Airport and post it on Facebook and Twitter, using the tag @flyPAL or hashtag #PALinairselfie. When the picture gets ten likes, the passenger can show it to a member of PAL staff to claim their complimentary Wi-Fi session.

PAL’s inflight connectivity, available on the airline’s B777 and A330 aircraft, is provided by OnAir. The promotion is available on flights to the Middle East, the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Once passengers have claimed their free Wi-Fi, they simply need to use the code to logon and then start using the Internet as normal.

“This promotion is using the type of communication “codes” the connected travellers are using these days, selfies are sent from all over the world using our products” said François Rodriguez, Director of Strategy & Marketing of OnAir. “Our Internet and GSM products – Internet OnAir and Mobile OnAir, have been flying on PAL’s long-haul routes for nearly a year. They have both proved very popular and I am absolutely sure this promotion will boost popularity of the PAL iNAiR service  further.”

About OnAir

OnAir sets the benchmark for global inflight connectivity solutions, with over 60 customers on five continents. We are the only provider to offer consistent global coverage for both inflight cellular and Wi-Fi services, thanks to regulatory approvals from over 100 countries, more than 375 roaming agreements.

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OnAir was incorporated in February 2005 and is owned by SITA, the leading IT solutions provider to the air transport world. OnAir is a member of the GSM Association and an Inmarsat Distribution Partner for both SBB and GX Aviation services.