The First FT8 Engine Repaired by Iberia Maintenance Leaves the Engine Workshop

April 24, 2014
The Maintenance and Engineering Division at Iberia is the only company able to service this kind of industrial turbine in all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The first FT8 engine to be serviced and repaired by Iberia’s Maintenance Division has left Iberia’s engine workshop. This engine will report electrical energy to the island of Menorca.

The maintenance of this industrial turbine, belonging to Endesa will report electricity on the island of Menorca.

In fact, at present, Iberia’s belongs to Endesa, is the result of the agreement signed in May 2013 between Iberia and Maintenance and Engineering Division is the only company capable of servicing this kind of industrial turbine in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which makes it possible for it to export its knowledge and experience in the aeronautical sector to electrical companies.

Specifically, in 2012 Iberia Maintenance received the EMEA licence by PW Power System, which enables it to carry out inspection and repair works on GG8 turbines, which are used to generate electricity.

All of the inspection, repair and replacement work carried out on this turbine has taken place at the Engines workshop that Iberia Maintenance has in its industrial area in Madrid, a 50,000sq.m space where close to 500 people work.

Iberia Maintenance is in charge of carrying out the inspections and repairs of aircraft, engines and components belonging to the airline itself and to some 100 clients all over the world. Specifically, in 2013, it conducted approximately 1,000 A and C aircraft inspections and checked 184 engines and 63,247 aeronautical components.

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