FlightView Partners with OAG for Global Flight Data

Feb. 20, 2013
In addition to airlines being able to offer customers flight status information on the planes they operate, they can offer real-time information on flights flown by international partners.

BOSTON (Feb. 20, 2013) — FlightView has partnered with OAG, the market leader in aviation data and analysis, to offer comprehensive flight status data for flights everywhere in the world. 

The partnership will bring real-time, accurate international flight status information to the millions of travelers – and those picking them up – that rely on FlightView every month.  In 2012 alone, FlightView answered more than 2.3 billion requests for flight information.

"Accurate flight information is at the heart of the travel experience," said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView, the day-of-travel information company.  "Millions of travelers and hundreds of airports and airlines trust FlightView each day for information about flights that start or end in North America.  Now we can offer that same, reliable intelligence for flights all over the globe."

The new data will be incorporated into all of FlightView's offerings – including its mobile apps for the iPhone and Android, travel solutions for airports, airlines and ground transportation companies, and flight-tracking websites.  The partnership adds significant value to airlines, which now, in addition to offering customers flight status information on the planes they operate, can offer real-time information on flights flown by international partners. Today's deal also enables FlightView to better integrate with travel technology companies, and international airports.

"This new partnership brings together two trusted and respected flight and travel information companies,"  said John Grant, Executive Vice President of OAG Aviation. "FlightView has become synonymous with accurate and reliable domestic flight information; now, millions of people can rely on them for real-time flight intelligence worldwide."

With over 30 years of experience providing real-time flight information, FlightView is in a unique position to help airports, airlines and travel companies quickly drive greater loyalty and improve customer service. 

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About FlightView

FlightView is the leading provider of accurate, real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industries.  FlightView was started in 2008 when CEO Mike Benjamin brought a new management and technology team to RLM Software, the first recipient of the ASDI (FAA radar) data feed and long-time consultant to the FAA.  With a new focus on delivering actionable flight information across the full range of media platforms, FlightView was born.   Since then, FlightView’s customer list has grown to include over 120 Airports, several major and mid-sized airlines and other travel related customers who employ FlightView information in digital displays, Web and mobile sites, native apps, and other uses.  FlightView mobile products were launched starting in 2009 and our native apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm platforms have logged over 2M downloads.  FlightView is located in Boston Massachusetts.  To learn more, please visit FlightView.com.

About OAG

OAG is the trusted source for aviation information and analytical services. OAG’s leading aviation databases are unrivalled in their scale, accuracy and comprehensiveness and are integral to the world’s aviation industry operations. For more information, visit: www.oag.com.