The very first news report I saw this morning announced that Australia has banned B-737 Max operations in and out of Australian airports.

Lest we forget, the B-737 has been around since 1962. It is one of the most popular jet airliners in the world.

The B-737 Max is a more efficient version of the B-737, and has been selling like hotcakes—but two fatal crashes in five months?

Something must be done. Fast.

We all know the theory that the B-737 Max has a new auto pilot and some say therein lies the problem—or at least the training to use the autopilot was inadequate.

We will get to the bottom of this and that’s one thing I really admire about aviation—the truth will out.

In the meantime, fortunes will be spent. There will most likely be lawsuits. Insurance companies, airlines, and others are—and must be—cautious about stating opinions.

I keep seeing/hearing that “the USA” believes the B-737 Max is safe to fly. I dunno who in our country said that, but so far, it has proved to be safe in this country. Is that because of superior—if somewhat belated—training?

There is one group that can act immediately to the situation—airline passengers. Passengers can individually decide to avoid the B-737 Max until the alleged problem has been solved to their satisfaction.

I am one of those passengers who will do just that.

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