Electrification of Airlines

May 6, 2015
I Didn’t Know the Half of It!

My last blog, on April 29, predicted the electrification of airplanes. I could hear some of you snorting at the very idea.

Now hear this…

Since then, Airbus has announced that the company is buying property for a plant where they will design and build electric airplanes.

We’re talking about Airbus, now, not some garage operation that’s just building an electric LSA if they can borrow the necessary money.

The big deal is that Airbus obviously thinks there’s a future in electric airplanes and the company is investing heavily in that area.

Another big thing just happened: A drone—or UAS, if you prefer—refueled in the air from a tanker. You can see a video of it. It was smooth as silk and the drone was acting autonomously—flying itself, so to speak.

What in the world will happen during the next two weeks? Lawd, y’all I can remember when changing the engine in the Cessna 172 from that 145 hp Continental to the 150 hp Lycoming was a big deal. Now we get really big changes coming fast and furiously.

I just hope I live long enough to see the outcome of some of this.