Maarten de Haas, AMT 2018 Next Gen 40 Under 40 Award Winner

Sept. 20, 2018
35, Maarten de Haas, Instructor, AFI KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Netherlands Years in Aviation: 10

Through an information day at ROC College Airport, Maarten de Haas was exposed to aircraft construction and composites, as he was wondering which path to take. "At that time, I did see that composite was going to be the future and for me the technique was more interesting in the aviation (than shipbuilding)." 

After four years of training at ROC College Airport, he applied at KLM. He started as a composite technician which lead to a part-time instructor position and composite repair specialist. And this spring he was named a full-time instructor. His main field is structure courses: composite and metal bonding training, damage assessment, structure, etc. Keeping the courses up to date and developing new are part of his function. He has completed advanced composite repair courses from Boeing and Airbus along with didactical training for instructor from KLM.

Roel Groeneweg, a composite technician at the KLM almost 47 years, has helped de Haas progress in his profession. and other specialists and managers have given support and advice. "Roel has seen the changes in repair techniques. This helps him to explain how it works, what to take in account, and how to approach the repair for having the best result."

Nominated by Joost Zuidam, Production Preparation Engineer, AirFrance Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance: "Maarten started his career at KLM E&M as a composite technician. While using the experience and knowledge of the older staff in the composite shop, he wasn't shy of introducing new techniques and methods to enhance the quality of repairs. As the years progressed he started sharing the gained experience with the younger and other newly employed staff as well as older colleagues, being patient with them while guiding them through the complex composite repair processes, thoroughly explaining why certain steps within the repair were so important. His commitment lead to Maarten becoming part of the shop's certifying staff after a few years. What I've always appreciated greatly in Maarten is the fact that he always takes the time to teach and try to improve everybody's skill level, always giving personnel safety and product quality (flight safety) a very significant role within the repair process. Due to his approach on repairs and all processes involved Maarten in my eyes became the go-to guy for newly developed repair techniques or repair firsts within the composite shop. Beginning of 2018 Maarten started a new job, becoming a full-time part 145 instructor for KLM E&M Training (SPL/GK)."

To give back to the industry de Haas' goal is “to make somebody else better. For the benefit of safety, KLM, and my colleagues, I’m always willing to share my knowledge."   

As to the future, "For now I’m good, just started a new job. I do have lots to learn and enough challenges for the future."