Editor's Viewpoint: The Next Phase

March 11, 2010
Staying connected with the aviation maintenance industry

The wall in front of me has pictures of airplanes — a Lockheed Electra, a couple classic taildraggers, some biplanes, and several airliners most of which are from the company that I just left. On the window sill sit several model airplanes and a Bendix pressure carburetor with a 1965 overhaul sticker. On my right hang a wooden prop and a wing section from a small homebuilt biplane. The bottom drawer of my old Craftsman roll-around has a row of faded EAA Fly-In Participant decals dating back to 1975. Interesting decorations for any work shop and I joke about this being my museum. I’m at home in my garage, sitting at my workbench, laptop in front of me, writing my first ever editorial column.

Hello everyone. My name is Ronald Donner and I’m beginning the next phase in my life-long aviation career as Editor of Aircraft Maintenance Technology. As I begin my new role I reflect back and ask myself, how did I get to this point? I recall (what seems like not long ago) just being a guy who liked airplanes. I remember well when I had a new A&P certificate in my pocket working at small town FBOs. Later, with my Inspection Authorization I worked in a variety of roles on a variety of aircraft. Fast forward to now and I just finished a 27-year career in airline maintenance. I’ve been an AMT reader for years and now I get to be part of it. I sincerely hope the time I’ve spent working in the aircraft maintenance industry will benefit both AMT and you the dedicated readers.

AMT has also begun a new phase entering its 21st year serving the aircraft maintenance community. AMT is committed to continuing its strong tradition of staying connected with the aviation maintenance industry. We will continue to focus on the critical issues facing the aviation technician, and in turn bring these issues to the forefront in an effort to facilitate best practices within aviation maintenance. AMT magazine and web site are resources that technicians, managers, directors of maintenance, and owners can all rely on to stay in front of the ever-changing technologies, practices, regulations, and trends in this industry.

It’s important for aircraft maintenance professionals to stay informed by reading the latest industry news, to network with one another, and to communicate with each other and with us. Great places to learn about new trends in the industry and to network with other aircraft maintenance professionals are industry trade shows. There are many aviation industry trade shows scheduled throughout the year. If you are attending any of these events, look for me — I’ll be learning about the latest trends and products in order to pass on applicable information to the AMT readers.

I’m excited about my new role and look forward to chatting with you on the Forums section of www.amtonline.com, and look for my blog regarding news, events, and issues pertaining to the aviation maintenance industry. Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Thanks for reading, Ron