Pro Star Aviation Enhances Phenom 300 With Whelen Aerospace Technologies

April 10, 2023

Pro Star Aviation, an innovative aerospace modification center, performed one of the first in-field installation of Whelen Aerospace Technologies Boom Beam HID Taxi and Landing light system on a Phenom 300 business jet.

The LSM-500-129-1 EMB 505 system features patented dual HID light technology. The NextGen high-powered lights increase safety, reduce the electrical load, and lessens the AOG downtime for lighting issues. "Partnering with Whelen Aerospace Technologies for the first in-field installation was effortless," stated Director of Sales & Marketing Jeff Shaw, "The increased brightness and the ability to aim the lights over the factory system enhances safety and situational awareness for our customers."

The LSM-500 comes standard with all-new precision polished CNC housing and WAT patented 85-watt power supplies. The installation can be performed in as little as 1 day and comes with a standard 5-year, 5,000-hour warranty.