Embraer Is One of the Best Companies to Work For, According to GPTW

Nov. 17, 2022

Embraer was recognized as one of the best companies to work for in an assessment carried out by Great Place to Work, a global consultancy that supports organizations to obtain the best results through a culture of trust, high performance, and innovation.

The GPTW Certification was launched in Brazil in 2017 as a seal that recognizes organizations that perform excellent work with their employees and reveals the internal perception regarding the various dimensions of organizational culture.

One of the highlights of the survey was Embraer's contribution to society. As a leader in a sector considered strategic due to its high technology development, Embraer brings together talents with a high capacity to generate innovations with positive impacts on the country's economy.

“This certification is a relevant achievement and illustrates our purpose of contributing to a more inclusive and diverse society through long-term investment in training people, generating career opportunities, and developing high-performance talents,” said Carlos Alberto Griner, Vice President of People, ESG, and Communications at Embraer. “We believe engaged people build a sustainable work environment and achieve the best results. We will continue to work to offer the best for our team and society as a whole.”

The achievement obtained by Embraer is the result of an extensive employee engagement survey that allows the company to carry out action plans for the continuous improvement of the company's existing practices. The published GPTW index places Embraer among the best companies to work for, especially in Brazil, China, the United States, and Singapore.

Embraer is recognized for generating and disseminating knowledge in the aerospace environment by associating technical and theoretical aspects with practical learning, socio-emotional skills, and promoting diversity. The ability to continuously promote opportunity is based on the structure of its training and talent attraction programs. Available vacancies can be accessed through the website: Embraer (gupy.io)