Ascent AeroSystems Announces Full Compliance with RemoteID Mandate

Sept. 6, 2022
Developed by company engineers, the new Bluetooth-based module will be integrated on every Spirit and NX30 shipping after September 15, 2022, making Ascent AeroSystems the first Blue sUAS OEM to be RemoteID compliant.

Massachusetts-based Ascent AeroSystems, a leading manufacturer of compact, all-weather, high performance coaxial unmanned aerial systems, announced the immediate availability of RemoteID capabilities for its Spirit and NX30 sUAS platforms. 

"Two things are required for small UAS operations to scale successfully into efficient networks," said Peter Fuchs, Ascent AeroSystems' CEO. "First, operators need a robust aircraft that can operate reliably in difficult, real-world environments.  Our coaxial platforms are designed for precisely those conditions.  The second is a consistent, well-understood regulatory framework.  By ensuring all our newly delivered systems are compliant from day one, our customers are able to demonstrate their ability to conform to those requirements safely."

"As of September 15, all systems shipped by Ascent AeroSystems will be fully compliant with FAA's requirement for Broadcast RemoteID", said Bobby Sakaki, head of Product.  "We are the first Blue sUAS-certified OEM to be fully compliant."

"We've got class-leading dispatch reliability and performance – that's critical for all of our customers, including public safety agencies, enterprise operators, and drone service providers," added Paul Fermo, VP of Business Development.  "In order to prove out the business models for Drone as First Responder (DFR), drone delivery, and other enterprise services, customers need a robust platform that can not only get the job done but also be compliant with new regulations.  Ascent AeroSystems offers those solutions."

Ascent AeroSystems' RemoteID solution meets or exceeds all ASTM and FCC compliance requirements, is NDAA compliant, and will be built into all existing and future products.  Retrofits will be available for previously delivered Ascent AeroSystems UAVs beginning in Q1 2023.