Aeronautix Pursues STC for New Starter/Generator System for King Air 350 and 350C

Aug. 30, 2022

Aeronautix has initiated another STC process to introduce a new starter/generator upgrade for King Air 350 and 350C aircraft. The enhanced system includes improved start capability, increased available electrical power, reduced maintenance activity, and several other benefits over the OEM system. Providing a faster, more efficient engine start than the factory system, due to a new shunt start design coupled with an automated regulation of starting torque, the upgrade will result in less wear and tear to the starter/generator and engine. The refined system has no impact on the pilot’s standard operating procedures.

The upgraded starter/generator has a total electrical power capacity of 650 amps, an increase of 50 amps over the old system. Advanced design reduces maintenance activity to a minimum. Time between overhaul (TBO) for the new starter/generator is an impressive 1500 hours, with no interim maintenance requirements during that time.

Installation of the complete system, including the starter/generator and other electrical components, is expected to take less than 16 hours and will add approximately 5 pounds to the aircraft’s total weight.

Aeronautix, an FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) holder, which has earned over 300 supplemental type certificates, is actively pursuing STC authorization for installations of their upgraded starter/generator system on King Air 350 and 350C models equipped with PT6A-60A or PT6A-67A engines.