Banyan Receives STC Approval for HondaJet Gogo AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi Installation

Feb. 22, 2022

Banyan Air Service announces the issuance of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) SA04214NY for the HondaJet HA-420 Gogo AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi installation.

The Gogo AVANCE platform is the ideal domestic solution system for all the business needs and mission requirements that the HA-420 is capable of, offering the "best in its class" speed and functionality, along with moving map functions, cabin management system integration/functionality, and movies/media content available on all the user's PEDs (personal electronic devices) through Gogo's personalized Vision app.

"We are excited to provide HondaJet operators with the latest in connectivity solutions," said Danny Santiago, Banyan's director of avionics. "The AVANCE L3 enables passengers to work, socialize, and have access to information and entertainment in the air as they are used to on the ground."

The AVANCE L3 has been a proven platform on multiple airframes for both Part 91 and 135 operators living up to the highest expectations of performance backed by the leaders in air to ground connectivity, Gogo Business.

The HondaJet Gogo AVANCE L3 STC is the culmination of a year-long project that Banyan is excited to offer as an in-house installation as well as a standalone STC data packet sale to all in-network Gogo dealers.