MAG USA and Jabbrrbox Announce Expansive Distribution Partnership

Dec. 17, 2020

MAG USA is partnering with Jabbrrbox to accelerate the roll out of JabbrrX, technology-enabled privacy pods in airports across North America and the UK. Jabbrrbox currently operates in seven airports and will rapidly accelerate their network growth through the MAG USA partnership.

Jabbrrbox’s soundproof technology-enabled pods provide a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy terminals and can fit almost anywhere in the airport, providing a high value for consumers and turning underutilized space into revenue for airport operators. Each Jabbrrbox is fitted with a fast, private, encrypted Wi-Fi connection as well as a 24” screen where users can interact with the Jabbrrbox app to track their flight, adjust the comfort of their environment and take a business video call.

The Jabbrrbox and MAG USA partnership allows for the JabbrrX pods to become an extension of the Escape Lounges offering which emphasizes premium experience and affords every guest an opportunity to bring a bit of luxury into their travel.

"Partnering with Jabbrrbox was an obvious fit and is a great extension of our Escape Lounge brand,” said MAG USA CEO, Martin Jones. “The pods provide the connectivity and peaceful environment that guests expect from an Escape Lounge, now delivered in an even more personal and private way within an individual pod. They also offer airports the opportunity to grow non-aero revenue and I’m thrilled to make them part of the MAG USA product proposition. We’re looking forward to expanding Jabbrrbox into even more airports in the coming months.”

The focus of the JabbrrX pod is to provide a space that enables productivity, privacy and wellness. These already popular pods have seen increased demand as COVID-19 has transformed the travel experience, with many users relying on the clean and secure space to fulfill their social distancing needs. In response, Jabbrrbox is preparing for an exponential increase in activations in 2021, with new fulfillment opportunities beginning in Q2.

“Jabbrrbox will reach more people than ever before thanks to MAG USA’s partnership. MAG USA is clearly the market leader in airport commercial services and has a huge network of existing airport clients who use one or more of their services.” said Jabbrrbox co-founder Jeremy Jennings. “We are confident their revenue management and distribution capability will increase location activations and utilization for all partners.”